Application criteria:

Applicants can be of any age and be based anywhere in the world (perfect English is not essential).

Application requires the candidate to submit an online form containing their contact details together with uploading ONE document only which should be in Word or Pdf format.

Please embed any links or images. The document should be a minimum of four and a maximum of eight sides of A4 including any appendices.

Your submission should include the following:

  • a brief biography
  • a detailed outline of the project you intend to undertake which will promote the cause of New World wines or wines from Emerging Regions to the wider industry or public
  • evidence that you have the skills and resources necessary to complete this project if your application is successful
  • an overview of what the outcome of the project will look like
  • a researched draft budget of how the award funding will be spent

Preference will be given to projects which further the cause of New World wines or wines from Emerging Regions  and are not simply a request for a travel bursary.

The Panel of Judges:

The judging panel will be comprised of 3 or 4 distinguished members of the wine trade in The Vintners’ Company

To submit your application, click HERE